Elegant Red Lotus Blossom: Carry Your Grace


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Unveil the elegance of our “Elegant Red Lotus Blossom” tote bag. This stunning design showcases a radiant red lotus flower embraced by a black circle, set against a pristine white background. This piece not only complements your style but also reflects your appreciation for the grace and beauty of nature.

The lotus flower, revered in cultures worldwide, embodies profound symbolism. It’s a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth—a reminder that beauty can emerge from even the muddiest waters. The vibrant red hue of this lotus signifies passion, courage, and love. Every petal of the lotus tells a story of unwavering devotion to life’s beauty.

Surrounded by a black circle, the lotus takes on added significance. It symbolizes the balance and mysteries of the universe, the ever-constant cycle of life, and the connection between all things. The serene presence of water beneath the lotus invites tranquility and introspection.

Our “Elegant Red Lotus Blossom” tote bag is not only a tribute to nature but also a perfect accessory for flower enthusiasts and those who admire Japanese culture. It’s an embodiment of the understated beauty that Japanese aesthetics are renowned for.

Beyond its stunning design, this tote bag is eco-conscious and practical. The reinforced stitching on the handles provides extra durability, ensuring you can carry your belongings with confidence. Made from 100% cotton fabric, it offers an eco-friendly alternative for your everyday needs. Please note that any whites in your design will appear transparent on the natural color tote bags, adding a unique dimension to your artwork.

With a capacity of 10 liters, it’s spacious enough to accommodate your essentials while remaining lightweight and comfortable to carry. The large printable area allows your unique designs to stand out, making this tote a canvas for your artistic expression.

The “Elegant Red Lotus Blossom” tote bag is designed with nature and style in mind, making it an essential addition to your collection of eco-conscious accessories. It offers a tasteful way to carry your belongings while celebrating the timeless elegance of the lotus flower.

Order your “Elegant Red Lotus Blossom” tote bag today and carry your grace with every step. Remember, our products are made on demand, ensuring no minimum orders and allowing you to express your unique style without restrictions.

Size guide

Handle (cm) 67
Width (cm) 38
Length (cm) 42
Handle (inches) 26.4
Width (inches) 15
Length (inches) 16.5

Care instructions

Wash Machine wash warm (max 40C or 105F), wash garment inside out with similar colors
Tumble Dry Low
Bleach Only non-chlorine
Dry clean Do not dry clean
Iron Do not iron
Weight 0.121 kg
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