Serenity in Circles: Wooden Framed Poster for Zen Interiors


Experience “Serenity in Circles,” an artistic marvel designed to instill tranquility and elevate your space. This stunning print showcases a beautiful abstract composition of concentric circles, effortlessly blending warm and cool colors. At its core, a bright yellow circle radiates like the sun, while the surrounding circles gracefully transition through shades of blue, orange, and red. This art piece is not just a poster; it’s an invitation to infuse Zen into your home.

Craftsmanship Redefined:

At ZenCraft, we believe that art should be more than a visual treat—it should be a tactile experience. That’s why “Serenity in Circles” is impeccably printed on our heavier-weight white premium matte paper, delivering a luxurious, uncoated finish that feels as opulent as it looks.

Assembly Made Effortless:

Unpacking and assembling your artwork is a breeze. Your poster and wooden frame are conveniently packed together, making the final assembly a snap. No special expertise is required, and hanging hardware is included, ensuring you can effortlessly display your art both horizontally and vertically.

Frames That Define Durability and Style:

Our wooden frames are the epitome of sleek and sturdy. Crafted from pine, they come in four exquisite colors: black, white, natural wood, and dark brown wood. Their dimensions, 20-25mm / 0.79″-0.98″ thickness and 10-14mm / 0.4″-0.6″ width, strike the perfect balance between robustness and style.

Protection Meets Aesthetics:

To safeguard your poster and preserve its pristine appearance, we utilize shatterproof transparent plexiglass. This protective layer ensures your artwork remains untouched by damage or wear, maintaining its captivating charm.

Sustainability Matters:

We care for both people and the planet. ZenCraft uses FSC-certified paper and frames, or equivalent eco-friendly certifications, based on regional availability. Your art not only reflects your style but also your commitment to responsible choices.

Arrival in Impeccable Condition:

Your “Serenity in Circles” poster and frame are shipped with utmost care in robust packaging. We understand that art should be received in perfect condition, and we take every measure to ensure this.

Global Sizes for a Perfect Fit:

Please note that paper sizes may slightly vary by region. In the US and Canada, measurements are in inches, while the rest of the world uses centimeters. This ensures that your art seamlessly integrates into your space.

“Serenity in Circles: Wooden Framed Poster for Zen Interiors” is more than just a piece of art; it’s an embodiment of serenity, a reflection of your refined taste, and an essential addition to your Zen-inspired space. Let it speak to your soul and transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Don’t hesitate; order your print today and experience the serenity that “Serenity in Circles” brings. It’s printed and shipped on demand, with no minimum order requirements, ensuring that you get the art you desire, when you desire it.

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30×30 cm / 12×12″, 50×50 cm / 20×20″

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