Zen Harmony Unleashed: Abstract Elegance in Every Detail


Embark on a visual journey into tranquility with our premium matte paper poster, a digital art piece that transcends the ordinary. This captivating creation, reminiscent of a flower or a peacock’s tail, is a symphony of colors, predominantly featuring mesmerizing shades of blue, orange, and purple, complemented by hints of yellow and green. Swirling lines and curves dance across the canvas, creating a sense of fluidity and movement that elevates the overall mood to one of peaceful meditation.

A Glimpse into Zen Elegance:
Dive into the heart of zen philosophy through this intricate abstract design. Against a rich black background, the colors burst forth, creating not just a visual masterpiece but an immersive experience. Every detail is a testament to the delicate balance of peace and harmony that defines the zen state of mind.

Exploring Zen Philosophy:
This art piece goes beyond aesthetics; it encapsulates the very essence of zen. The abstract shape, reminiscent of both a flower and a peacock’s tail, becomes a metaphor for life’s beauty and diversity. It’s an invitation to explore the profound aspects of zen, offering a touch of both beauty and tranquility to your space.

Perfect Addition to Your Sanctuary:
Enhance your living space, meditation room, or yoga haven with this premium matte paper poster. The delicate dance of colors and shapes transforms every glance into a moment of serenity, making it the ideal addition to spaces seeking both vibrancy and tranquility.

Immersive Features:

Vintage Charm with Wooden Hangers:
Our minimalist wooden hangers, crafted from pine, offer a vintage look and feel. The four magnetic wooden dowels—available in black, white, natural wood, and dark brown wood—elegantly cradle your poster, enhancing its timeless beauty.

Easy Assembly, Durable Design:
Assembly is a breeze with the magnetic design—no expertise required. The cotton rope attached at the top complements the hanger color, adding an extra touch of sophistication. The 200 gsm / 80 lb paper weight ensures durability, making this poster a lasting addition to your space.

Eco-Friendly Commitment:
We prioritize the planet and its people. FSC-certified paper and hangers, or equivalent certifications, are used, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Our commitment extends to packaging, with each poster and hanger carefully shipped in robust packaging to ensure pristine condition upon arrival.

Global Adaptability:
Sizes may vary slightly by region, with measurements in inches for the US and Canada and centimeters for the rest of the world. This on-demand printed poster is tailored to your preference, with no minimums required.

Immerse Yourself in Zen Elegance:
“Zen Harmony Unleashed” is more than a poster; it’s an embodiment of tranquility, a visual symphony that beckons you into the heart of zen philosophy. Bring home this unique piece that seamlessly marries abstract elegance with the timeless charm of wooden hangers, creating an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

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20×25 cm / 8×10″, 27×35 cm / 11×14″, 40×50 cm / 16×20″

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